Who are we?

After several years of decentralized work and small collaborations, we came together as a collective in 2022 as part of "Zukunftsstadt Dresden" and are now part of the non-profit association Konglomerat. The collective is made up of artists, architects, craftspeople and urbanists, which is reflected in the multidisciplinary work between art, design, spatial planning and social engagement. The main motivation is to appropriate public space with various formats and in cooperation with other city makers and to create low-threshold access to actions together with city dwellers,

workshops and social and cultural activities in the neighborhood. The "FOR:UM" project, a re-use micro-architecture made from recycled materials for activities in public spaces, has already been implemented for this purpose. The result is a bicycle load trailer with a modular structure that can be adapted to the planned form of action and used in a versatile and mobile way. In cooperation with local initiatives and city makers, various activities have already been implemented in 2023, such as wood construction workshops, neighborhood cinema, pizza take-away and participation formats for neighborhood development.